Transistor Construction MCQ’s

This set of Electronic Devices & Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Transistor Construction”.

1. In a grown junction type construction, the method used form a junction transistor is_________
a) alloy type diffusion
b) mesa type
c) speed variation method
d) fused junction type

2. Which of the following methods take impurity variation method for transistor construction?
a) alloy type diffusion
b) grown junction type
c) epitaxial type
d) mesa type

3. Which gas is used to fill the chamber in the grown junction type transistor construction?
a) helium
b) boron
c) nitrogen
d) oxygen

4. Which of the following is true about grown junction type construction?
a) N type impurity is added to P type impurity
b) Boron helps in the prevention of oxidation
c) The seed is pulled to a large distance for a correct growth
d) Slow pulling leads to the formation of P type crystal

5. The non rectifying base contact is made from_________
a) welding a strip
b) germanium
c) indium
d) graphite

6. The larger dot of the indium is used as_________
a) base
b) emitter
c) control pin
d) collector

7. What is the melting point of indium in alloy type transistors?
a) 300°C
b) 200°C
c) 155°C
d) 100°C

8. What is the thickness of wafer in the alloy type transistors?
a) 1-2m inch
b) 3-5m inch
c) 5-6m inch
d) 4-7m inch

9. The electrical properties of a transistor in alloy type construction is determined by_________
a) space between the junctions in the wafer
b) proportions of N and P type impurities
c) the pulling rate of crystal
d) uniformity of the crystal lattice

10. The grown junction type transistors is generally used for_________
a) PNP transistors
b) NPN transistors
c) Both transistors
d) Depends on the material used

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