Transmitter MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Transmitter”.

1. In TV transmission, picture signal is ________ modulated.
b) VSB
d) Pulse

2. In TV transmission, sound signal is ________ modulated.
a) Phase
b) Pulse
c) Frequency
d) Amplitude

3. Modulation is done in ________
a) Receiver
b) Transducer
c) Between transmitter and radio receiver
d) Transmitter

4. Square Law modulators are ________
a) used for frequency modulation
b) used for pulse width modulation
c) used for amplitude modulation
d) used for phase modulation

5. What is the role of the transmitter in the communication system?
a) to decode a signal to be transmitted
b) to convert one form of energy into other
c) to detect and amplify information signal from the carrier
d) to produce radio waves to transmit data

6. AVC stands for ________
a) Abrupt Voltage Control
b) Audio Voltage Control
c) Automatic Volume Control
d) Automatic Voltage Control

7. Ring Modulator is ________
a) used for DSB-SC generation
b) used for SSB-SC generation
c) used for VSB generation
d) used for AM generation

8. What is the maximum transmission efficiency?
a) 67.88%
b) 33.33%
c) 73%
d) 54.03%

9. What is the role of Amplitude limiter in the FM receiver?
a) Filteration
b) Adjust the gain of receiver
c) Amplify a weaker signal
d) Demodulate a signal

10. What is Carrier swing?
a) Frequency deviation
b) Width of sideband
c) Instantaneous frequency
d) Total variation in frequency

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