Tunnel Diodes and its Characteristics MCQ’s

This set of Electronic Devices & Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Tunnel Diodes and its Characteristics”.

1. The range of tunnel diode voltage VD, for which slope of its V-I characteristics is negative would be? (The VP is the peak voltage and VV is the valley voltage).
a) VD > 0
b) 0D < VP
c) VV > VD > VP
d) VD > VV

2. Tunnel diode has a very fast operation in__________
a) gamma frequency region
b) ultraviolet frequency region
c) microwave frequency region
d) radio frequency region

3. If ‘X’ corresponds to a tunnel diode and ‘Y’ to an avalanche diode, then__________
a) X operates in reverse bias and Y operates in forward bias
b) X operates in reverse bias and Y operates in reverse bias
c) X operates in forward bias and Y operates in forward bias
d) X operates in forward bias and Y operates in reverse bias

4. Which of the following are true about a tunnel diode?
1) it uses negative conductance property
2) it operates at high frequency
3) fermilevel of p side becomes higher than the n side in forward bias
a) 1 only
b) 1 and 2
c) 3 only
d) 2 and 3

5. With interments of reverse bias, the tunnel current also increases because________
a) electrons move from balance band of pside to conduction band of nside
b) fermi level of pside becomes higher than that of nside
c) junction currrent decreases
d) unequality of n and p bandedge

6. Tunnel diodes are made up of________
a) Germanium and silicon materials
b) AlGaAs
c) AlGaInP
d) ZnTe

7. The depletion layer of tunnel diode is very small beacause______
a) its abrupt and has high dopants
b) uses positive conductance property
c) its used for high frequency ranges
d) tunneling effect

8. The tunnneling involves_______
a) acceleration of electrons in p side
b) movement of electrons from n side conduction band to p side valance band
c) charge distribution managementin both the bands
d) positive slope characteristics of diode

9. For a tunnel diode, when ‘p’ is probability that carrier crosses the barrier, ’e’ is energy,’w’ is width.
a) p ∝ e(-A*e*w)
b) p ∝ 1/ e(-A*e*w)
c) p ∝ e(A*e*w)
d) p ∝ 1/e(A*e*w)

10. In the construction of tunnnel diode,why is the pellet soldered to anode contact and a tindot to cathode contact via a mesh screen?
a) for better conduction and reduce inductance respectively
b) for heat dissipation and increase conduction respectively
c) for heat dissipation and reduce induction respectively
d) for better conduction and reduce inductance respectively

11. What happens to a tunnel diode when the reverse bias effect goes beyond the valley point?
a) it behaves as a normal diode
b) it attains increased negative slope effects
c) reverse saturation current increases
d) beacomes independent of temperature

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