Types of Baluns MCQ’s

This set of Antenna Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Types of Baluns”.

1. Consider a 9:1 Balun (unbalanced to balance conversion); if the unbalanced impedance is RΩ then the balanced impedance will be _____Ω.
a) 9R
b) 3R
c) 0.11R
d) 0.45R

2. Which of the following Balun changes the shape of the unbalanced transmission line to that of a balanced transmission line?
a) Sleeve Balun
b) Folded Balun
c) Tapered Balun
d) Infinite Balun

3. Which of the following statement is false regarding Type-1 Sleeve Balun?
a) It is shorted at the base
b) It has a λ/4 sleeve
c) It has a λ/2 sleeve
d) Ideally it provides infinite impedance at top

4. In which of the following Balun we don’t choke the current?
a) Sleeve Balun
b) Folded Balun
c) Tapered Balun
d) Infinite Balun

5. Type II Balun has two Type I balloons in series providing more bandwidth and load impedances at all frequencies.
a) True
b) False

6. For a Balun to work effectively, it must have ____ impedance for common mode currents and ____ impedance for differential mode current.
a) high, low
b) low, high
c) high, high
d) low, low

7. Which of the following Balun contains a sliding short circuit bar for frequency adjustment?
a) Type – 1
b) Sleeve Balun
c) Type – 2
d) Type – 3

8. Reciprocity applies to which of the following devices?
a) Isolator
b) Circulator
c) Balun
d) RF amplifiers

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