This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “ZCD”.

1. Packet switching is based on ________
a) switched circuits
b) un-switched circuits
c) store-and-forward
d) real time delivery

2. What is used for setting up a virtual circuit?
a) frame
b) network
c) link
d) hub

3. MAU stands for __________
a) Multiple Access Unit
b) Multi-station Access Unit
c) Multiple Auxiliary Unit
d) Multi-station Auxiliary Unit

4. Which modulation is used in high frequency radio-teletype systems?
a) QAM
b) ASK
c) PSK
d) FSK

5. The effect of frequency on the resistance of a wire is called ________
a) skin effect
b) I2R loss
c) ohmic effect
d) threshold effect

6. Which polarization is possible for an electromagnetic wave?
a) vertical
b) circular
c) horizontal
d) can be vertical or horizontal or circular

7. When we use TDMA instead of TDM?
a) when signals come from different sources
b) when all the signals come from same source
c) when all the signals contain the same information
d) when all the signals contain different information

8. The electric and magnetic field of a radio wave are perpendicular to each other.
a) True
b) False

9. On which factor dominant mode of a waveguide depends?
a) shape
b) power
c) direction
d) bandwidth

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